Scenic Cycle 2.0 – Photographers Wanted!

Holy heck and a half!

Is that Ona typing up an announcement?

I am so excited to

1st – congratulate the winner of Classic Cycle 12! Thank you for allowing me to judge you (AWKWARD JUDGING STARE) and for sharing your images with us!

2nd – To host the upcoming Scenic Cycle 2.0!

Problem is, I need photographers (not models, because you’re not going to be in the images) willing to sign up for a 6 week cycle that involves LANDSCAPED images instead of models. The cycle will run from June 13, 2020 and culminate on July 19, 2020 with the Winner of the cycle announced!

This cycle is Vanilla – No Mods, Re-shade, Touch-ups, Pact with Rumpelstiltskin…

For those who are interested, please submit the following via my Discord DMs (Odharnait Greene):
Your name and server, and 3 images with the following themes:

1. Weird Weather (Umbral wind, Umbral Static, Gloom, Beyond Time, Concordance, Core Radiation, Darkness, Demonic Infinity, Dimensional Disruption, Dragonstorm, Eruptions, Eternal Bliss, Hyperelectricity, Irradiance, Louring, Multiplicity, Oppression, Quicklevin, Revelstorm, Rough Seas, Royal Levin, Shelf Clouds, Smoke, Tension, Wyrmstorm)
Zoneline – Must be taken directly across a zoneline using cinema frame

All entries are due by June 6, 2020, at 10pm EST.
Photographers will be announced June 7, 2020.

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