Classic Cycle 12 Winner

It is time, everyone! After eight grueling weeks of deadlines, frustration with battle poses, arguments about composition, and the occasional lucky shot, our judges and the community have combined their mathemagical powers to crunch out a winner.

To all of the models of Cycle 12: Thank you for putting yourself out there and sticking this through to the end. I know it takes a lot of confidence to submit your work for critiques, and sometimes the feedback you get isn’t always what you wanted to hear. But ENTM is all about doing your best, and making your best a little bit better every week. You are always part of the ENTM family, and welcome to come back and try again during our other cycles and our monthly challenges. I’ve seen the growth from all of you over the last two months, and I’m proud of what you all achieved.

This was one of our closest cycles yet, and it all came down to the final round. Even I didn’t know who was going to win until last night when I closed the votes!

The winner of Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management Classic Cycle 12, with a total score of 151.6 and the final two weekly wins under his belt, is Yomu Kazul! Yomu was also the community winner for Cycle 12, thanks to a strong series of 2nd and 3rd place finishes most weeks. Congratulations on becoming our newest S-Rank model, and the first male Au Ra to claim the title!

In second place, with a total score of 159.6, we have Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn! Rymm gave Yomu a run for his money this entire cycle, with a weekly win during Round 4 (Wide Open Spaces) and strong finishes most other weeks.

FFXIV Screenshot
Wide Open Spaces

In third place with a score of 175.0 on the dot, we have Elessia Sedai of the Fat Cat Chronicles, who also came in 2nd place overall for the community votes this cycle. Elessia won Round 5 (Day Job) and kept toe to toe with our other models every week this cycle.

FFXIV Screenshot
Day job

All of the beautiful shots from Classic Cycle 12 will be permanently archived here on the website to inspire future models. In the meantime, if you haven’t auditioned for Scenic Cycle 2 yet, go ahead and send in your landscape photos!