June Monthly Challenge

Hi folks! The theme for the June challenge is going to be A Fistful of Western – time to find a horse, grab your cowboy hat, and drop your character into the middle of a spaghetti western at high noon!

Entries for this contest will be open until June 19th at 11:59 PM EST. To enter, >>>join our Discord channel<<< (if you haven’t already) and send a direct message to admin Katarh Mest with your screenshot. As always, the winner of the contest will be decided by community votes, and will get to pick the next theme and win a minion from the Mogstation.

Entries for this contest are open to all glamour community members. You do not have to have been a previous contestant for any ENTM contest to participate. Reshade, mods, or post process edits are not permitted for ENTM contests. Gpose and any in-game tools or items are strongly encouraged! Please make sure your entry contains the FFXIV copyright notice on it, so that we can legally post it to our website.

Reminder about Scenic Cycle 2: Entries for Scenic Cycle 2 are still open! Please see this post from host Ona. The deadline to enter Scenic Cycle is currently June 6th.


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