Scenic Cycle 2 – Welcome Photographers!

Scenic Cycle Auditions officially closed on 6/13/2020 at 10pm EST! The deadline was pushed back as things in the world were tense and as always real life comes first! This extension allowed three more entries to find their way to Ona’s DM’s and her heart!

Ona is very excited to welcome six photographers to the cycle! Photographers were asked to submit three images for consideration…

Weird Weather

…and boy did they not disappoint!

Please join the ENTM family with welcoming the following models to the 2nd Scenic Cycle!

Khloe Jaab from Louisoix

Crystalita Miah from Moogle

Zukira Phaera from Odin

Hela Frosty from Siren

Amalie Greene from Goblin

Forthyn S’yel from Adamantoise

Next week marks the official start of Scenic Cycle 2! Check back for some amazing shots!

Interested in competing in a cycle? Learning new gpose tips and tricks? or just joining an ever growing group of screenie junkies (hahah that was a bad joke…)?

Then join us on Discord!