Scenic Cycle Judges Announced!

“Judging you is what we do!” – Scenic Cycle Judges to the Scenic Cycle Photographers, probably.

ENTM is pleased to welcome to the Judging table the Official Judging panel for Scenic Cycle v. 2.0!

Katarh Mest
Katarh Mest has been a frequent judge, competitor, and host for ENTM since 2015. She finally won her S-Rank title with Runway Cycle in 2019. She is currently the webmaster of and primary host of ENTM Classic Cycle. You can find her afk on Lamia server most days. She’s an avid weapon collector and aspires to have all of the base relics done by the end of 2020. Outside of FFXIV, she’s a business analyst and surprisingly a huge college football fan.

Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn-
Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn-An avid and longtime supporter of ENTM, Rymm is a double runner-up in Classic Cycles 10 and 12, a judge for the first ever Runway Cycle, and a member of ENTM’s promotional team. Any of her spare time not whiled away in gpose is spent writing for Aetherflow Media and weeping over the small size of her glamour closet.

Aeylria Windrunner
Aeylria Windrunner is fresh off a judging stint with Classic Cycle 12, and her first turn as a model in Fresh Faces Cycle where she placed 2nd. In real life she has a foundation in photography and design, which she honed throughout college in high school. She loves bold colors (especially pink!), kpop, and doggos of all kinds.

Elessia Sedai
Elessia Sedai is the founder of Fat Cat Chronicles. Ele has been a guest judge in previous cycles of ENTM and recently competed in cycle 12. A Gpose addict herself with a background in photography, she will use her discerning eye to hopefully transform these already talented photographers into screenshot artists.

Special thank you to you for agreeing to judge this cycle and keep me sane!
You’re the Best!


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