July Challenge

Oops, only a few days late! The theme for the July challenge is:

Sparkling Eorzea

“Catch a fireworks display in your screenshot. There has to be at least one in your inventory…somewhere.”

So that’s it! Go celebrate your favorite summer holiday in Eorzea with a stack of in game fireworks, and show us how to blow things up in style!

Entries for the July challenge will be accepted until Friday, July 24th at 11:59 PM EDT.

To enter the contest, please join our Discord channel if you haven’t already, and send your shot in a direct message to admin Katarh Mest. Please include your character name for our voting form. As always, the winner of the contest will get a minion from the Mogstation, will be featured on the front page of our website, and will be allowed to choose the next month’s theme!

Entries for ENTM monthly challenges are open to the greater FFXIV glamour and screenshot community. You do not need to have been a model or participant in our regular contests to join our monthly challenges. Mods, Reshade/Gshade, and post processing edits, including crops, are not allowed in ENTM contests. You should have the FFXIV copyright notice on your entry, as this grants us permission to upload it on our website per SE’s media license. Please provide a new shot that has not been shared on social media or the ENTM Discord previously. Only one entry per person allowed, but alts may be used. Shots may be landscape or portrait. Any other questions about our contests should be directed to Katarh Mest.

To join our Discord channel. >>>>>please click this link!<<<<<