Scenic Cycle – Bridge Troubled Water – Results

Another week down, another winner to announce!

The judges have weighed in and ranked the five images and provided the photographers with critiques, and we had a close race between two images, but one just pulled away with the big W-I-N!

Congrats this week to:


Forth- the judges loved your intricate details in the metal, to the “pinprick” lights that littered the image, the Judges were blown away by your attention to detail, not to mention your outside the box thinking with the use of the sewers instead of the “traditional” bridges throughout Eorzea! Your image was breathtaking and obviously the top choice!

Next week, the photographers need to dig deep for a new requirement! Come back and oooohhh and ahhhhh with me at them on Saturday 10pm!

As always, ENTM needs YOU!