Fresh Faces – The Judges

My Love : Ni’ko Shae : made me this banner… isn’t it absolutely beautiful?

On Friday we get to announce the contestants in the upcoming cycle!
But today we celebrate…


These hand picked, top shelf, fine looking judges are not only amazing models themselves, but also have proven to have an eye for helping others!
Fresh Faces Deux is super excited to have them to lay down the critiques and give the newbies some feedback for improvement!

I also want to welcome my amazing Assistant Mentor this Cycle!
Elessia and I shared many a screenshot during Allstars Cycle
She beat me, partly because she’s gorgeous, partly because she is an amazing G-Pose Artist! Either way, she is going to be a massive support to me and the models this cycle!

I am the Host and Mentor of this Cycle, Odharnait “Ona” Greene, and will be guiding the cycle through Six Weeks of challenge prompts for the new models!

Sometimes I write posts drunk. Sometimes I have crazy ideas. I may or may not have picked the rounds during a drunken crazy idea session.

Either way, join us for the excitement! The adventure!

This is…
Fresh Faces 2: 2021 Edition!

Come join us on Discord.