You Had ONE Job

Then you probably had a second job, then picked up a crafting class, and maxed them all out.

Or maybe you’re like Ona and your friends know you Bard and only Bard.

But look at you Warrior of Light! You picked your main and you fight with the heart of a champion, because that’s what you are! A Champion! A beautiful champion with fashionable clothes, and a good sense of composition and style.

This week, the models were told to go out into the world engage in a fight in a dungeon, TO THE DEATH!


They also had to snap that photo wearing class specific level gear for the main class that they shared during auditions!

Daiyu – White Mage
Killia – Black Mage
Reese – White Mage
Zathena – Astrologian
Amalie – Red Mage
Teomaru – Machinist
Chetana – Black Mage
Illsaide – Dark Knight
Damien – White Mage

So without further adieu, I present to you:

Mankind’s first hero and his final hope

Voting will be up until 10pm Tuesday and the Winner will drop Midnight Wednesday!

So now for the elephant in the room. Portia has decided to step away from the competition for IRL stuffs. We wish them love and luck in all they do, but understand this is a competition for a video game. IRL is WAY more important. Love you Portia!

If you’re interested… we have a discord…