You Had ONE Job

And this week’s winner really


it all out on the line with their




onto the screen and



Umbral Soul

out in their shot. In the end they had us all

lucid dreaming

and had the judges

triple casting

their votes in favor of the

aspect mastery

that is the beautiful and amazing:


Killia, the judges all agreed that your use of your ability to center your image and highlight yourself against the dark background while protecting yourself from those ghosties was the winning move!

Ona thinks that you look like you might need some help. I could cast a bard song, but Yoshi-P took all of my helpful party songs away…

But I still have Troubador! #10%IsBetterThanNothing!

Congratulations Killia!

As we move into the last three weeks of the competition, we have had three different winners each week! The exclusive S-Rank title is still up for grabs, and at this point, it’s anyone’s game!

Come back next week to see Ona cry… I literally made the themes and did it to myself.

We have a discord…