An Unexpected Journey – Lord of the Rings

Week one is upon us! I figured, why not start the whole thing out with my favorite movie of all time! Boondock Saints!

Ona, are you ok?
Nah, it’s my anniversary weekend, and I am away at a cabin without my children. I’m GREAT!

For reals though, Lord of the Rings! One of my all time favorite and what some consider the grandmother of all known fantasy literature! It makes my heart so happy! So I gave the models the prompt to CopyCat a memorable LotR scene. I am excited to say that NOT ONE MODEL picked the same theme! The unique takes this round make my nerdy heart swoon!

BUT FIRST, before you see this week’s
photos, please take a look at my amazing

The Legend, Katarh Mest! I have lots of things to say about my Kat, but you just need to know she’s amazing.
The Elusive, Forthyn! Having judged along side Forth before, I cannot say enough to express their amazing talent!
The Fantastic, Escher! The beautiful and amazing human who instantly makes you go “oh yeah”!

So now onto this week’s images!
I present to you:
Week 1 – Copy Cat Cycle!

Please take a moment to vote for your favorite model! Polls will be open until Tuesday 10/11 at 12:01am EST. The Winner of the round will be announced around 8am EST!

As always, Love from here.